Project Types

The range of projects completed under the executive direction of SRA's Principals include major high rise resort hotels, landmark commercial office buildings, corporate headquarters, university hospitals, industrial research laboratories, mainframe computer centers, airline terminals, military/aerospace facilities, manufacturing plants, hotels, ultra-luxury condominiums, large multifamily residential complexes and single-family residential estates.

Major investigation, design and construction programs performed under SRA's direction have involved the successful resolution of a multiplicity of complex technical conditions. These conditions include adverse hydro-geology, toxic contamination of groundwater and soils, foundation failures, remedial structural and seismic reinforcement, roofing replacement, curtain wall integrity, rehabilitation of existing elevator, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, asbestos abatement, telecommunications, acoustic isolation, security controls, fire protection, life-safety upgrading, ADA-mandated handicapped access, energy conservation, exterior/interior aesthetic improvements and historic building preservation.

Although SRA is highly experienced in the area of acquisitions and new real estate development, the largest portion of SRA's professional practice involves the evaluation and rehabilitation of existing buildings, often as part of a “turnaround” program for economically and/or physically distressed properties or, alternately, as part of a 'fit-to -suit' program for a new user, SRA has also played a primary role in several major insurance claims investigations of real properties distressed by seismic activity and subsidence.